I hate the words stay at home Mom.  What I hate even more is work from home Mom it should be work from home woman!

Yes I am a Mum and I work from home but being a Mum has nothing to do with my work.  I am a woman and I work from home.

How do you go from being a SAHM to a work at home woman?

Having kids I notice a lot of women lose their identity of who they were before they had kids.  Nearly all of us had jobs before children.  We had careers, goals and aspirations of what we wanted to achieve in life.

Having children is probably one of those goals that we have achieved.  Congratulations!  What about your other goals and aspirations in life.  How many women have forgotten about those dreams and aspirations that you had before kids?

I commend all those SAHM who stay at home and nuture their children but at some point your children get older and don’t need you as much.  What will you do when your children move out of home?  Even more so, what will you do if you lose your main source of income?

It is so important for Mum’s to never lose sight of our dreams.

We are living in a world now where it is so much easier to set up a business from home. We have the technology to sell any product and any service to anyone around the world.

How exciting is that?

All it comes down to is finding out what is your passion.  There is not much point setting up a business if you are not passionate about it.  Building a business based on your passion does take time.  Patience is key.

Watch this first video about finding those passions to ignite a business idea.