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Ok so this post today is a bit of a rant about emails.  We all know the best way to build a business is by building an email list.

I know that to get those emails you may have to pay for some traffic and that as a way to get back some of those costs some people sell clicks or solo ads (email addresses).

As someone that doesn’t sell solo ads I have a question for those that do.

Do you vet the copy that is being sent out or do you just not give a shit what people are sending to addresses that are on YOUR list and just care about making some extra $$$?

I have a particular email address that I don’t use often but use solely for opt-ins to get information on internet marketing or new products.

Today I received a myriad of emails ranging from dating to increasing the size of my penis which I obviously do not have.  15 emails in total!!  In one day!  Seriously!  I do get these types of emails quite a bit for some strange reason?!?

Now it’s not that I mind getting 15 emails from new people.  It’s getting 15 emails in one day for things I really have no interest in.

Thank goodness for “unsubscribe” but it baffles me what person would think it was ok to essentially “sell” my email address 15+ times and send the emails to me all in one day.  I know it was from the same solo ad seller after investigation.

This is one of the reasons I question buying solo ads and what is going to prompt one of my next articles which I think I will title “Solo Ads – Yes or No”.

Anyway that is my rant for the day.  Appreciate your thoughts and comments and hey no judgement.

Have A Great Weekend!!

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