Hi Naomi here and in this video I’m going to go through exactly what is Clickfunnels and show you how you can easily build your first funnel.  Whether it’s a funnel for sales, a webinar, product or an opt-in funnel.  If you’re not too sure what I’m talking about; don’t worry because I’ll explain everything.

Stay until the end and I’ll also give you my free Clickfunnels bonuses.  Let’s get started.

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a software that helps you build online sales funnels for your business.  A sales funnel is a marketing process that takes your visitors and leads on a journey from being a lead to a customer.

All businesses have a website.  That website tells the visitor all about the entire company, their products or services, contact details and even service information.  If a business wanted to do specific marketing campaigns online they would not want to send their traffic and leads to their home page.

They would want to send them through a sales funnel where they can capture leads and direct the customer through to a sale of a specific product.

Alot of companies waste so much money on online ad campaigns and think that they can convert that traffic to sales by sending direct to their company home page. 

Don’t worry if this sounds confusing Clickfunnels makes it really easy for anyone to build a sales funnel.

Let’s head over to Clickfunnels and take a look.

Inside Clickfunnels

So here we are within Clickfunnels and as I mentioned this is a cloud-based software.  It is very easy for you to get started, and there are quite a few tutorials that can help you to build your first funnel or your first landing page.

Click on “Add New”.  You have the option to build your funnel by the Cookbook Builder Process which shows you different types of funnels by industry and type of funnels.  There are free templates as well as paid funnel templates.

The classic funnel builder is the option I prefer to use.  To start building your funnel you will need to choose you goal either…

  • Collect Emails
  • Sell Your Product
  • or Host a Webinar

 In this instance I am going to choose “Sell Your Product”.

Choose your type of funnel:

  • Sales Funnel
  • Product Launch
  • or Membership

 This example is going to be a sales funnel which you then need to name.   On the left hand side you will see all the steps for this funnel.  Each step is a separate page:

  1. Squeeze Page
  2. Sales Page
  3. Order Form
  4. Order Confirmation
  5. Thank You Page

The features in Clickfunnels allow full flexibility enabling you to delete or add funnel steps.

Each step has tons of templates available for you.  You can preview the templates and then select the ones that best suit your funnel.

Funnel Templates

Please note that these templates are here for you for a reason.  Clickfunnels has thousands of users and these templates are tried and tested to give you the best conversion rates.  These templates are going to give you the best results.  Use the templates, don’t try and start from scratch particularly if you’ve never built a funnel before.

Once you have selected your template you can start customizing your pages.  Every single component on these pages can be changed.  From the color, font, size, images, videos, background and buttons.  It is very easy to change whatever you want to make it your own.

That is how you start building your first sales funnel.

Don’t feel totally overwhelmed because I have some bonuses for you.


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What is Clickfunnels Overview

Clickfunnels is going to help you build high converting online sales funnels to get the maximum results for your business.

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