Who is Webtalk

Webtalk is the first all-in-one commerce and collaboration networking community created to help you communicate better and save time

Maintaining your personal and business connections online can sometimes be a daunting affair.   Too many choices have created confusion.  So many users have multiple accounts to manage their personal and business connections separately.

Webtalk helps you strengthen relationships with more targeted and visible communication.  It is built to maintain your credibility and conduct your business and personal social media from just one profile.  

This hub will aid you to organize your personal and professional data into easy to manage categories.   It gets rid of the social awkwardness of adding colleagues, friends, and family to the same online network.

Managing your communication better begins with better management of your contacts.  Its patent-pending connection process helps you label your connection to real-life interactions.

It has built-in groups and subgroups labeling feature.  You can add keywords and tags to help search for people in your contact management directory.

Why Is Webtalk Predicted to be the next Facebook?

Webtalk at the time of writing this post has over 850,000 users and witnessed a 615% increase in users JUST for October 2018.

The website is free to use and works on an invite-only method, which is different from other social networks.   It has taken the best elements from established social media websites and merged them to become one-stop shopping for everyone.

What Features Make Webtalk Unique?

This new disruptive social network is set to enjoy a huge growth due to the amazing features it possesses in it’s SocialCRM technology.

Users have control and can categorize connections into Personal – Family, Friends and Acquaintances and Business – Acquaintances, Colleague, Prospect, Customer etc.

Categorizing your connections lets you decide who can see what content.  eg one lot of content for your Personal and another for your business connections.  Your posts will be viewed by the category you have chosen which enhances your privacy.

Webtalk categorizes your real life connections into your online social life!

Who Can View Your Content?

Sometimes it can be difficult sharing a post that might be uncomfortable to your employer or your parents, but it’s relevant to your peers. You can choose only your peers to view your posts and add comments and likes.  Webtalk allows you to be friends with everyone, but not all will be able to see every post – only selected few.

Webtalk is also a good and efficient way of marketing. It makes use of keywords and tags to help your product or business to be viewed by a particular group or an intended group.

Webtalk Affiliate Program

Early adopters of this social network will have a great advantage in generating revenue via their revenue sharing affiliate program provided called SocialCPX.  They are predicting they will earn profits of billions of dollars annually just like other social media websites only they will share it with their users.  Users get 10% of the profit generated from their referrals when they enroll in the free affiliate program.

For the first qualifying affiliates, they have the opportunity to earn up to 50% revenue share!

Affiliates can earn from revenue generated from advertising, subscriptions, app and products sales and much much more.

How you ever earned from referrals from other social media websites?  Well, Webtalk is exceptional, right?

Today, there are 2 billion social media users worldwide.  Therefore, the more people you invite to Webtalk, the higher the chance of you earning more money.


Webtalk is indeed the next big social media platform incoming.   With already seven hundred thousand users, this social network is already showing enormouse potential.   It has lots of opportunities to its users for not only sharing posts but also earning from posts shared and referrals.

It is the next big thing and is worth trying.