“There’s no such thing as ‘free’ traffic”

Paid traffic is the most common way of getting traffic online and yet some marketers are still scared of using.

Just like ANY paid traffic source, if you rush in without a plan, you’re just going to burn through your dollars and end up with nothing to show for it.

With Video Ads Crash Course you will find out how you can get traffic from YouTube and how to get it cheap.  Not only that you will also learn how to make that cheap traffic profitable.

Video Ads Crash Course 3.0 is the most up to date training on Adwords for Video or advertising on YouTube.

This is the third version of an already successful course and it covers everything.   Justin has added in all the latest training with the current changes that have happened on YouTube.

Inside, students learn about different types of video ads, how they function and how best to get this system up and running, quickly.  From campaign setup to finish, this over the shoulder training is all you need to become an expert on Youtube.

Why You Need This Course –  Video Ads Crash Course

Justin Sardi has been running this successful training for a long time and is already an extremely successful YouTube marketer.

He knows all the tricks:

  • How to get $0.01-$0.03 Clicks
  • How to fund your first campaigns
  • Profit even in tricky niches
  • How to market without even creating your own videos

When you use YouTube properly the clicks are cheap, the targeting is more
precise than Facebook and profit-ready videos are only ever a click away.

Uncover the pure magic of video ads in 9 simple steps

Module 1 – The Big Picture

Module 2 – Long Term Success Strategies

Module 3 – Easy, Effective YouTube Ads

Module 4 – Adwords Video Tour

Module 5 – Pinpoint Targeting

Module 6 – Setting Up Winning Campaigns

Module 7 – The Winning Campaign

Module 8 – Reporting and Scaling Profits

Module 9 – Perfect Landing Pages

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