4 Tips For Online Marketing On A Budget

4 Tips For Online Marketing On A Budget

If you are just starting out building an online business and you have a limited funds. There are ways that you can start online marketing on a budget.  These tips with show you how you can set up an online marketing business without spending too much money.

Build a Blog

If you don’t already have a blog then it’s time to build one.  You need a blog that is fresh and updated regularly with lots of up to date interesting content.  Valuable and relevant posts will attract your audience and help build a loyal following.  If you are not sure what to write then go to Google Trends and find out what is trending in your niche.

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is getting involved in conversations on forums, blogs and social media.  Don’t always go in for the kill/sale but try and ad value to the conversations and direct people to useful posts or articles on your blog or website.

I’ve used conversational marketing for a while now and it can be tedious but you do get good results from interacting with potential prospects or buyers.

Some places I use conversation marketing are Twitter, Facebook Groups, Reddit and niche appropriate forums.


Being the second biggest search engine used setting up a YouTube channel can bring you a ton of free traffic to your website or offers.  Online marketing with YouTube is a must for any online strategy.

You can do reviews on products, information videos, customer testimonials, or even a weekly Vlog.  Have a look at what key influencers in your niche are doing and find out what is successful.

If you are an affiliate marketer you can make a really good living from doing reviews on products and creating a channel just based on latest product reviews.  This is called launch jacking.

Social Media

By linking all your online marketing together you can get momentum from all your efforts. Share your blogs and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Pinterest.  Be everywhere.  You have to go where your customers are!!  Your customers are not ALL going to be on Facebook.   By being on all these platforms you are opening yourself to bigger audiences.

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Email Marketing – How To Source Great Traffic

Email Marketing – How To Source Great Traffic

In building a business whatever product or service you have, building a list and email marketing is crucial.

If you aren’t collecting email addresses and continually building your list then you need to start doing this now!

There are a lot of businesses and affiliate marketers that are using solo ad traffic for building their list knowing what traffic to source and your costs are important.

I was buying a lot of traffic, spending lots of $$ and built a very large list.   My biggest problem was that my list was just not that responsive. Why?

“5 Challenges With Solo Ads”

Old, Dead Traffic 

Most solo ad sellers build their list from other solo ad sellers! This means that whether you are buying clicks for .30 or $1.80, they could be sharing the same lists!  This also means, the clicks you are getting could be dead, overused clicks!

Bot / Fake Traffic

Did you know that as high as 30-40% of clicks from solo sellers now are bot traffic?

This are traffic is ran by scripts to literally INJECT leads into your autoresponders or simply send fake clicks that look real to the human eye.

Low Optin Rates

Not only do most solo sellers get you only 20-30% opt-in rates, they can’t guarantee that you will have any success at all!

No Way to Scale

If you happen to find a good solo ad seller, they only have so much traffic they can send you before their list is beat up on your offer!

In order to get to the point to where you can build a real business online making $1,000’s a month and growing, you need a way to get 1,000’s of TODAY FRESH clicks. Your offer is only as good as how big you can scale it!

It’s Gambling at it’s Finest

If you are using sites like Udimi and Facebook groups to find your solo ad sellers.


Did you know that there is a “circle of friends” that literally put fake testimonials and results and they all comment and agree with the fake testimonials?!

It’s sickening!

Tips For Find Good Solo Ad Resellers


  • Word of mouth.  If you have a mentor or other marketers that you know are doing solo ads, then ask them who they are using.   Quite often they are more than happy to share.
  • Solo Ad Testimonials on Facebook – some sites are good and some are fake but it is pretty easy to filter through the crap and find the good ones.
  • If I am looking for more solo ad traffic then I Google, Youtube, and Facebook Search the solo ad reseller.  Do as much research as you can?  If you come across one that sounds good then contact them and try and negotiate cheaper clicks.
  • I always start at asking if they will do 1-200 clicks for .30c.  Bit cheeky but hey you never know and so far I have gotten some clicks as low as 35c a click.
  • Testing traffic is important so send some test traffic and use your best winning landing page and offers to check the conversions.
  • Track all your traffic.  I use Clickmagick for all my tracking which shows me exactly how much traffic (e Bot traffic) I really get, how many optins, sales etc.  This is so important particularly if you are wanting to scale.
  • Don’t forget that there are few variables with solo ad traffic and your funnel.  If you don’t get so many optins or sales initially it could well be your landing page or offer so spend some time and money testing.
  • Finally, never forget your back end funnel or your follow up sequence in your autoresponder.  This is more important than the front end of your funnel and will build a relationshipship with your subscriber so add value, personality and don’t always sell, sell, sell.

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5 Tips For New Online Marketers

5 Tips For New Online Marketers

When I first decided that I wanted to get involved in online marketing; all I wanted was to start making money. 

I bought a lot of training programs promising me that I could instantly start earning income immediately.  Little did I know that there was so much to learn. 

I could run in all these different directions making small pockets of “instant” money here and there or I could focus and build myself multiple income streams and build a business that was evergreen.

Let’s have a look at what you need to do if you are first starting out in the business of online marketing or affiliate marketing. 


You have probably heard about focus before, but let me stress that you must also have the right mindset.

Mindset is about learning to fulfil our potential. 

It is staying focussed, following a plan and never ever giving up.  If you have the right mindset then you are halfway there. 

“Did you know that 90% of people that start online marketing give up within a few months?” 


Keep going and keep learning and you will eventually see the rewards.  Remind yourself why you are doing this and what you want to achieve.  Write your goals down and stick to the plan.

There were times where I was going to throw in the towel because it all seemed too hard but my motto was and still is  “giving up is not an option”.

Too Many 

I mention “too many” because wow there are so many avenues you can take in this business. 

What product or offer am I going to promote?  That alone is mind boggling if you do not already have a product or service you want to promote.

How am I going to promote it?  Facebook, Bing, Video, Google, Email, Website, Online Store and then there are all the acronyms PPC, PPV, CPA, the list goes on.

Don’t overload yourself with trying to sell too many products and don’t overload yourself with all the ways you can promote your offer.  Stick to a couple of things and once they are perfected then you can look at your other options.


Testing is a huge part of online marketing.  Testing the right offer, traffic and various other strategies

“Testing is what is going to find the right combination to create those multiple revenue streams that run on auto pilot.”

I had a campaign when I first started out and I ran it for a couple of days.  I was so sure I had the right combination and that this campaign was going to make money.  When it didn’t I just turned it off and moved onto the next campaign.

A couple of months later I was listening to a podcast and it reminded me that you need to give a campaign a chance and do proper testing.  This prompted me to go back and review the campaign, review the statistics and run some more tests.  As it turns out I found the right combination and that campaign is still running and making me about $100-$200 a week. 


When I look back on the months I wasted NOT tracking my clicks and campaigns.   I cringe at how much time and money I wasted just because I didn’t think I needed it or wanted to pay the extra $20 per month.

Making your first commissions is exciting but knowing where and how you made those commissions is what makes you a better marketer. By knowing all those details you can easily scale and grow your campaigns even bigger.

Multiple Streams Of Income 

This is how I build my business, creating lots of streams of income.

“The internet is such a huge and fast paced market that you need to be constantly changing and learning to adapt.”


Putting all your eggs in one basket is just not a smart thing to do.  By creating multiple income streams you are not at risk of losing everything should some big change happen on the internet or some new algorithm affects the results of your business. 

This will happen and has happened to me but not in such a huge way I couldn’t bounce back.

The previous pay per click campaign I mentioned before brings me $100-200 a week.  That is just one stream of income.  That brings me about $500 to 800 a month.  Imagine having 2, 3, 4, 10, 20, 50 of these streams of income.  You can imagine the potential that you can earn.

You can achieve success in 2016, it won’t be easy and it won’t be without mistakes.  Are you committed enough to really doing what it takes to create the freedom you want for you and your family?

In my next post I will talk about exactly what worked for me to kickstart my business and what you can do to jumpstart your online marketing business.

The Growth Of Affiliate Marketing – Keys To Success

The Growth Of Affiliate Marketing – Keys To Success

Affiliate Marketing has been around for a long time and more and more companies are turning to affiliate marketing to promote and sell their products.

Affiliate Marketing is where you promote or refer a product or service on behalf of a business online.  When someone purchases using your referral, you get paid in the form of a commission.

The benefit for the company selling the product is your product gets all the promotion by it’s affiliates and you only have to pay a commission once product is sold.

There are thousands if not millions of people around the world earning money out of this strategy.  Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn additional income and in some cases replace the income of your 9-5 job.

According to research done by Rakuten Marketing  the Affiliate Marketing Industry is to Grow to $6.8 Billion Over Next Five Years (between 2015-2020).  Although an article by The Drum suggests that affiliate sales 12 months ago for the UK alone reached £16.5 billion!

Heading well into 2016, new and existing affiliate marketers need to look at the changing market and how they are going to promote their products online.

Mobile is having a huge impact with over 50% of affiliate sales being made via mobile.

Marketing your product so it appeals to the mobile user should be a key focus for a lot of affiliate marketers.

The drivers of affiliate growth need to include: original native content, leveraging social influence, and understanding data to get the 360-degree view of an entire campaign.

Facebook have announced that most of their continued success is fuelled by mobile as well as video ads across Facebook and Instagram.

With video via mobile increasing,  a strategy including video is a must not just through YouTube but across all social media platforms.

YouTube has announced a new six-second unskippable ad format called Bumpers, which it says are ideally suited to the kinds of “snackable videos” succeeding across mobile devices today.  

This is the type of advertising that affiliate marketers will need to adjust and market in order to stay ahead of the ever growing market.

The formula for affiliate marketing remains relatively the same no matter the change in the market or topic.  Your main task will always be traffic generation and driving that traffic to your affiliate offer.

With the growth expected over the next few years Affiliate Marketing is an exciting industry to be in and build a successful business around.


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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Finding Products

It has now been over a year and a half since I embarked on this journey with affiliate marketing and building my own online business.

It has been a long ride and I have been working full time on building my business (quite obsessively) but I am happy to say I am living the life now that many can only dream about.

I get to work on my business anytime, anywhere but most importantly I am there for my family 24/7.

For those just starting out or looking at affiliate marketing it can be daunting and confusing wondering where to start.

I’ve done a video for those starting out on just exactly what is affiliate marketing and how to find products for you to promote.  I have only mentioned one network, Clickbank but there are a lot of other Affiliate Networks that you can join which I will cover in later video.

Here is the link to join ClickBank

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