How To Increase Website Traffic

How To Increase Website Traffic

Have you been struggling with getting more visitors to your website?  I was like you and wanted to increase my website traffic and then I found an easy way to increase my traffic and my overall income.


If you are using Twitter to increase website traffic to your website you may be wondering how some bloggers are killing it and you just don’t know where to start.

By increasing Twitter followings you will increase website traffic.  You don’t need some super duper strategy you just need to get creative and be seen.

According to Expanded Ramblings tweets with hashtags receive two times more engagement than those without.  That means that the more engagement, the more clicks and the more traffic you get.


By using hashtags you get more engagement and then more website traffic.  You need to find the right hashtags that are appropriate for each post.

I like to have a list of commonly used hashtags that are appropriate for my niches.  My list consists of 50 commonly used hashtags and I rotate those hashtags on a daily basis to get more exposure.

You can use to find out what hashtags to use or  Whatthetrend helps you to find relevant trending hashtags that you can tap into as well.

Other Tips To Build Your Presence On Twitter


  • Research what content is most popular for your hashtags

  • Post your blog post more than once using different hashtags

  • Don’t use more than three hashtags per post

  • Follow the Twitter influencers for your niche and interact with them

  • Find thought-provoking tweets to share with your niche

  • Be yourself and share your personality and humor

  • Retweet the content of influencers

  • Tweet a link at least 3 times in different ways

  • Use teasers for your posts.  Create curiosity

  • Be visual.  Use stunning visuals to stand out.

Get Ready To Tweet Your Way To More Traffic

You won’t get tons of new traffic overnight but with consistency you will be able to build your presence and create a new source of visitors and blog subscribers.

Set a goal of 100 new followers and use different tactics to create interest and start seeing the first trickle of traffic to your website or blog.

Having a social media presence for your blog or website is a must.  You have to go where your audience hangs out.

So what are you waiting for, see you on Twitter.


What Are You Offering Your Prospects?

What Are You Offering Your Prospects?

When it comes to marketing your product or service there are several key factors to consider. First of all, you must have a product or service that you believe in because if you do not believe in it, it will not matter how wonderful it is. You will not be able to market that product.

Your prospect is a real person, someone with desires and fears. In order to successfully market your product, there are several things you must know.

Know your prospect

Once you have a product you believe in, it is important to know your prospect intimately. What keeps your prospect up at night, what does he or she worry about, what is the first thing that this person thinks about upon waking in the morning. What are your prospects biggest fears or worries? Study your prospect well because knowing what makes that individual tick is what will be the difference to successfully marketing to his or her appeal.

Trigger something in your prospect

Once you have gotten to know your prospect deeply, find out what triggers that individual. Is it pride, fear, worry, or being financially stable? Can you appeal to the fact that he or she is well educated? Find that one thing, that emotional hot button that triggers pleasure for your prospect. Once you find out what your prospect’s desire is, it is easier to offer them what they are seeking.

Draw them a picture

In order to properly market to your prospect it is important to draw them a visual picture in their head. Your prospect must be able to visualise what it is that he or she seeks. Put them in the center of the action so that they can see the value of what you have to offer as it pertains directly to them. Once they get a visual picture, they will relate better to wanting what you have to offer.

Make them a promise that is unique

If you have something to offer, chances are that someone else has that same product or service to offer, as well. Make your offer something unique, something that your prospect cannot attain anywhere else except from you. Once they realise that this is a unique offer, they will be more inclined to want to purchase that product or information. One of the most important keys to marketing is to be unique in what you are offering.

Once you have a product you believe in and get to know your prospect, tapping into their emotional side as well as putting them in the center of the action and making them a unique promise, you will have most of the pieces of your prospecting puzzle complete.

4 Tips For Online Marketing On A Budget

4 Tips For Online Marketing On A Budget

If you are just starting out building an online business and you have a limited funds. There are ways that you can start online marketing on a budget.  These tips with show you how you can set up an online marketing business without spending too much money.

Build a Blog

If you don’t already have a blog then it’s time to build one.  You need a blog that is fresh and updated regularly with lots of up to date interesting content.  Valuable and relevant posts will attract your audience and help build a loyal following.  If you are not sure what to write then go to Google Trends and find out what is trending in your niche.

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is getting involved in conversations on forums, blogs and social media.  Don’t always go in for the kill/sale but try and ad value to the conversations and direct people to useful posts or articles on your blog or website.

I’ve used conversational marketing for a while now and it can be tedious but you do get good results from interacting with potential prospects or buyers.

Some places I use conversation marketing are Twitter, Facebook Groups, Reddit and niche appropriate forums.


Being the second biggest search engine used setting up a YouTube channel can bring you a ton of free traffic to your website or offers.  Online marketing with YouTube is a must for any online strategy.

You can do reviews on products, information videos, customer testimonials, or even a weekly Vlog.  Have a look at what key influencers in your niche are doing and find out what is successful.

If you are an affiliate marketer you can make a really good living from doing reviews on products and creating a channel just based on latest product reviews.  This is called launch jacking.

Social Media

By linking all your online marketing together you can get momentum from all your efforts. Share your blogs and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Pinterest.  Be everywhere.  You have to go where your customers are!!  Your customers are not ALL going to be on Facebook.   By being on all these platforms you are opening yourself to bigger audiences.

If you do have a small budget and are wanting some great training or tools then check out my bonus selections.


8 Minute Profits Review

8 Minute Profits Review


Traffic is such a big part of being an online marketer.  That’s why I was excited when 8 Minute Profits was released as it is a new fresh source of traffic.

Not only is it a source of traffic that I have never used, but this course shows you how you can easily set up this traffic source of green yet hungry buyers.

What is 8 Minute Profits?

8 Minute Profits is a short training course, case study.  It shows how you can quickly set up an unknown traffic source and have leads flowing in instantly.

The course shows a way that you can get the traffic for free and also the option for paid traffic.

Here’s What You Get…

You get easy to follow over the shoulder video instructions on how to set up your traffic source and funnel.

Examples of landing page, thank you page and first email is also included.

Unlike other courses I like this as it is straight to the point and easy to follow.  If you have no prior experience with landing pages or autoresponders it could take you longer to set up.


This is one of the best value courses I have come across in a long time.  8 Minute profits is currently selling for under $10 but you need to be in quick as Mark Barrett will be increasing the price to over $97 in the next few weeks.

The price increases with every sale, so if you hesitate you will end up paying more.

There are a few OTO which are:

==>   Proven 10 Message Follow Up Series That Converts Your Leads Into Cash

==>  15 Unsaturated Sites We Exploit Daily To Pull Fresh Targeted Email Leads

==>  The 8 Minute Profits Master Class Series Helping You To Start Earning Fast

I highly recommend that you get the 10 message follow up as they have done the research and really understand what the proven strategy is with these prospects.

The approach to this traffic is quite different and you will see why when you get the 10 Message Follow Up Series.


There are number of great bonuses that are included with 8 Minute Profits that Mark and Paul have put together making this the best value for money product I have seen in a long time.


If you are an affiliate or online marketer that is sick of the usual sources of traffic or traffic that is over used then you should buy this product.

I have tried and tested this product thoroughly and it does work.  Like all campaigns you do need to split test to find the highest converting landing page so don’t forget to do this.

I have not come across this traffic source before and am very happy to have come across this golden nugget.


Order Now

Be A Work From Home Woman

Be A Work From Home Woman

I hate the words stay at home Mom.  What I hate even more is work from home Mom it should be work from home woman!

Yes I am a Mum and I work from home but being a Mum has nothing to do with my work.  I am a woman and I work from home.

How do you go from being a SAHM to a work at home woman?

Having kids I notice a lot of women lose their identity of who they were before they had kids.  Nearly all of us had jobs before children.  We had careers, goals and aspirations of what we wanted to achieve in life.

Having children is probably one of those goals that we have achieved.  Congratulations!  What about your other goals and aspirations in life.  How many women have forgotten about those dreams and aspirations that you had before kids?

I commend all those SAHM who stay at home and nuture their children but at some point your children get older and don’t need you as much.  What will you do when your children move out of home?  Even more so, what will you do if you lose your main source of income?

It is so important for Mum’s to never lose sight of our dreams.

We are living in a world now where it is so much easier to set up a business from home. We have the technology to sell any product and any service to anyone around the world.

How exciting is that?

All it comes down to is finding out what is your passion.  There is not much point setting up a business if you are not passionate about it.  Building a business based on your passion does take time.  Patience is key.

Watch this first video about finding those passions to ignite a business idea.