What Are You Offering Your Prospects?

What Are You Offering Your Prospects?

When it comes to marketing your product or service there are several key factors to consider. First of all, you must have a product or service that you believe in because if you do not believe in it, it will not matter how wonderful it is. You will not be able to market that product.

Your prospect is a real person, someone with desires and fears. In order to successfully market your product, there are several things you must know.

Know your prospect

Once you have a product you believe in, it is important to know your prospect intimately. What keeps your prospect up at night, what does he or she worry about, what is the first thing that this person thinks about upon waking in the morning. What are your prospects biggest fears or worries? Study your prospect well because knowing what makes that individual tick is what will be the difference to successfully marketing to his or her appeal.

Trigger something in your prospect

Once you have gotten to know your prospect deeply, find out what triggers that individual. Is it pride, fear, worry, or being financially stable? Can you appeal to the fact that he or she is well educated? Find that one thing, that emotional hot button that triggers pleasure for your prospect. Once you find out what your prospect’s desire is, it is easier to offer them what they are seeking.

Draw them a picture

In order to properly market to your prospect it is important to draw them a visual picture in their head. Your prospect must be able to visualise what it is that he or she seeks. Put them in the center of the action so that they can see the value of what you have to offer as it pertains directly to them. Once they get a visual picture, they will relate better to wanting what you have to offer.

Make them a promise that is unique

If you have something to offer, chances are that someone else has that same product or service to offer, as well. Make your offer something unique, something that your prospect cannot attain anywhere else except from you. Once they realise that this is a unique offer, they will be more inclined to want to purchase that product or information. One of the most important keys to marketing is to be unique in what you are offering.

Once you have a product you believe in and get to know your prospect, tapping into their emotional side as well as putting them in the center of the action and making them a unique promise, you will have most of the pieces of your prospecting puzzle complete.

Make Money With Ebay and Amazon

Make Money With Ebay and Amazon

Every wondered how to make money with Ebay and Amazon? There are a thousands of people making full time revenues by selling products through drop shipping.

What is great about this type of business is that you are selling a tangible product without actually seeing it.  Even better you don’t have to pay for the product until you have sold it.

Infinii has made it so easy for anyone that is wanting to get involved in drop shipping. Not only do you get access to training on setting up Ebay, Amazon and Bonanza for drop shipping, but there are also some amazing tools for research and easy listing of the products you want to sell.

Here is a quick overview of what you get in the backoffice.



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Building Facebook Fan Pages

Building Facebook Fan Pages

Every business whether big or small should have a Facebook Fan Page.  If you are new then building Facebook Fan Pages can seem daunting.

I’ve been testing and playing around with building some Fan Pages in different niches the last few weeks.

Here is a video on my latest success.

You need to focus on the content and providing value to your niche as well as deciding what type of page you are trying to build.

Is your page purely for entertainment or is it to provide valuable tutorial information or just pictures and videos?

You need to also do some research on the size of your market and who your core die hard fans.

My best advice is to research before setting up your page and make sure your page is not just about selling product.

If your page is a business page then make sure that it is not just about your product or service.  You don’t want a page that is all sell sell sell you want to tell a story or create value that will keep your fans coming back to your page.

Here is another article you may find useful if you are new to building a fan page http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/222729

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Chasing the  Opportunity

Chasing the Opportunity

So it’s Monday again and I thought I’d give you a little Motivation for Monday.  It’s only two weeks before Christmas.  Some areas of my business is slowing down so I am extremely busy planning for next year.

I was watching the below video the other day and it really resonated with me and confirmed that I am on the right track and chasing the opportunity.

I have seen so many people that get caught up in the passion of what they are doing that they keep going around in circles and do not achieve their goals.

By chasing the opportunity you are focused and are consistently making small milestones that take you towards your goals in your business.

Yes some of what you do you may not like doing.  Keep focusing on the opportunity that is in front of you it makes it all worthwhile and then your passion will follow.



Inspiring Work From Home Motivation

Inspiring Work From Home Motivation

Motivation is key when working from home.  If you have a home business and sometimes you feel unfilled or even depressed that things aren’t going your way here are some things you can do to encourage and motivate yourself.

  • Think about what gets you excited – not just in your business but outside of your work and your family.  What is it that gets YOU excited?  Write that down, picture it.  Now think what do you need to do to get to that point of where you are excited.  Now take action.
  • Help someone else –  In my business I always find that I get great satisfaction and motivation from helping someone else.  Touch base with your customers or team and see how you can help them.
  • What are you great at and what do you love doing? – We all know what we love doing and what we are great at.  Sometimes when we are not feeling that motivated it is good to take a step back and do something that we know we are going to love and that we are good at.  This can be anything that isn’t necessarily related to business.
  • Review Your Day – I love reviewing what I have achieved at the end of the day.  This can be in your personal life and in your business.  I love asking myself “What have I achieved today”.  Quite often when I look at what I have achieved I am amazed.  Don’t look at what you haven’t done, focus on what you have done.  Have you got a new sale, learned something new, spent time with your children, tried a new recipe, caught up with a friend.  Whatever it is look for the positive in the day you have just had.
  • Talk to someone – When you are working from home all the time it can at times get quite lonely.  Take some time out and talk to someone.  I love getting on Google Hangout or Skype and talking to my mentors or team under me and talking about how our businesses are going.  We quite often throw some ideas around and strategize and after those calls I am so motivated and pumped up.  I also love my weekly hangouts with our TDA group.  There are people from all around the world coming together to share ideas and motivate each.
  • Balance – I talk quite often about balance with my team.  Balancing your work and home life is so important.  You need to structure your work time and your family or “you” time.   It is quite easy to get obsessed with your work and not take time to do other things.  Structure your day and your week and include scheduled times for doing other things.  In other words work hard and play hard.
  • Believe In Yourself – If you are really struggling with problems in your business, take a step back and say what is it I am afraid of.  Look at the big picture and believe in yourself.  You can figure it out and make it happen.  Put the energy out there and believe that things will work out.

There you have my key ideas for motivating yourself.  If you have any other ways that you motivate yourself in business then comment below would love to hear from you.