Building Facebook Fan Pages

Building Facebook Fan Pages

Every business whether big or small should have a Facebook Fan Page.  If you are new then building Facebook Fan Pages can seem daunting.

I’ve been testing and playing around with building some Fan Pages in different niches the last few weeks.

Here is a video on my latest success.

You need to focus on the content and providing value to your niche as well as deciding what type of page you are trying to build.

Is your page purely for entertainment or is it to provide valuable tutorial information or just pictures and videos?

You need to also do some research on the size of your market and who your core die hard fans.

My best advice is to research before setting up your page and make sure your page is not just about selling product.

If your page is a business page then make sure that it is not just about your product or service.  You don’t want a page that is all sell sell sell you want to tell a story or create value that will keep your fans coming back to your page.

Here is another article you may find useful if you are new to building a fan page

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Viral Facebook Traffic – Viral Autobots Review

Viral Facebook Traffic – Viral Autobots Review

I’m not going to muck around on this review as this product has blown me away the last few days and let me tell you I am impressed with the viral traffic it can create.

So what is Viral Autobots.  Well Viral Autobots helps you find viral content, articles, photos and videos that relate specifically to your niche.

By posting this viral content on your Facebook Fan or Business page it creates more interest and in turn more and more organic traffic.  In other words free viral traffic.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.54.51 pm

I’ve been testing this software on a couple of my fan pages and it definitely is a lot easier to find content and my reach and likes have increased dramatically in the last two days.

The content has already proven to have a viral effect which means that not only does your content improve for your existing Fans but it is content that people want to like and share which creates more reach and more likes on your page.

I am running quite a few Fan Pages and it took me less than half an hour to schedule a weeks worth of posts for each of those pages.  So easy and a great tool if you are like me and managing different fan pages and struggling to find content.

There is an add-on tool which is the affiliate link-cloaker which cloaks your affiliate link so you can post it easily in your posts without sending to a landing page.

So not only does this product help you find viral content you can also monetize that content by including your cloaked affiliate links.

Highly recommend this product.

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Here is my updated review on Viral Autobots after 5 months use.

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