With the Olympics going on this week and everyone glued to the tv or media to see the results it reminds me that success is a mindset. I’ve lived as an expat in Singapore since 2000 and have seen so many changes happen within this small country.  This week was no exception when Joseph Schooling won the first ever gold medal for Singapore in the 100m butterfly. What is even more amazing about this story is Joseph beat his childhood hero Michael Phelps. Joseph’s drive and determination to win a Gold Medal and beat the world record is amazing.  His parents sacrificed a lot to help him achieve his dream.  Ultimately it was mindset to succeed that drove him to win the Gold Medal.
 How can you change your mindset?
Changing your mindset is repetition.  Repeatedly telling yourself you can do something, that you believe you can achieve.  It is eliminating the negativity and fear that challenges you on a daily basis.  You have to change your thinking from “I just can’t” to “I know I can”.
Learning Your Lessons
Growing up my father was a sales trainer.  One of my favourite quotes he used in his training was from Tom Hopkins…

“I never see failure as failure, but only as a learning experience.”

People make mistakes and people do fail.  It is how you learn from those experiences that will make you succeed.  Don’t dwell on those failures……just MOVE ON!
Change Your Limits
If you have a goal and you think that you are only supposed to achieve a certain level of success then you will just stay at that level.  Change your limits! If you did everything that you were capable of doing, you would absolutely astound yourself.
Find a Method
Find a method of achieving your goals that works for you!!  Try several out before you find the right one.  Create achievable and manageable goals and dream big!  Make lists of your goals and dreams.  These lists are what is going to motivate and excite you and are what is going to drive your mindset to achieve greatness!!