I’m so excited to give you my six week review of The Digital Affiliates.  It has been very interesting going through the weekly videos and I wanted to share just what you can expect to learn by doing this training course.

First of all let me explain that after going through the first 6 weeks this course really isn’t just for those that are new to making money online but this course would be fantastic to anyone with an existing business that is wanting to promote their products or services through social media marketing and internet advertising.

So let me explain exactly what you can expect in the first 6 weeks.

Getting Started Videos – Here you will find 5 videos that go through setting up the systems that you need to create and automate your marketing campaigns.  This is very important not to skip as this will be the fundamental systems for your business in the long run.

I was already running some of these systems but it was great to see the detailed content and setup available for those that would be new.

Weekly Case Studies

Week 1 – The first week case studies explains what solo ads are and how to set up a campaign.  This week even gives you a landing page already made to use and gives you all the instructions to have this case study launched really quickly.

Week 2 – You will learn how to sell a digital product to targeted business owners using Facebook Ads.  Copy and Paste Campaign.

Week 3 – This week was fun learning how to sell a product via YouTube ppc.

Week 4 – Promoting products with Bing Ads.(see test results below)

Week 5 – Selling to local businesses with Facebook Ads

Week 6 – Selling an offer with YouTube

If you are new to internet marketing there is more than enough detailed information to get you started and up and running, copy and pasting the campaign’s set out each week.

What I will say is that you need to focus on the week you are being taught and immerse your training on that weeks lesson.  If you are still working and have a limited amount of time you can easily set up the campaigns.

I set up all new accounts to demonstrate what happens when you follow these lessons by the book.  I chose Week 4 which is  promoting a product by Bings Ads.  I put a small daily budget and ran for a few days.  I actually forgot about the campaign and just checked the other day and low and behold I made a couple of sales.  Not only that I have added 90 new subscribers to my list that I can carry on marketing too!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 4.31.25 pm

So as you can see this training really does work and I highly recommend you join if you are looking for a long term business that can lead to you quitting your job and being a digital entrepreneur.

There is a fantastic TDA Facebook page and so many are already having great success and building their incomes.

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