The first strategy to make money online is building a list.

This strategy is the most important step to continue to make money long term. If you do not already have some type of autoresponder system; you need to get one. Don’t be cheap here either because your entire business will hinge on this one piece of software.

You can build your list many different ways. An effective way of building your list is from the traffic that visits your website. This step, which is probably the most effective, does require you to have a website in order to implement an opt-in list form.

You can have an opt-in form strategically placed on your website or you can drive traffic to a landing page.

A landing page is specific to an offer and can come from multiple advertising traffic sources such as Bing, Google, YouTube or Email.

A landing page looks something like this….

Untitled design (6)

The second strategy to make money online is driving traffic to your website.

When I say traffic, I don’t just mean any old traffic, I mean targeted traffic, people who are motivated and ready to buy and can and will make you money. You can use programs and techniques such as Google Adwords, blogging, article writing and linking to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Blogging is another great way to drive targeted traffic to your website. To get the most out of this technique the blog should be hosted on the same website as the sales page which links to your affiliate program. Once it’s setup all you have to do is fill your blog with good quality content.

I recommend writing your own content which specifically relates to your affiliate program and or products.

You can then link your content to a Facebook Fan Page or Twitter feed to increase traffic from social media.


The strategies listed in this article do work and they will increase your sales and residuals if done correctly.  Those strategies combined with an effective sales page with an integrated opt-in email list can make your business soar to new heights.

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