If you have been using search ads for advertising your offer, you may or may not have noticed a few changes.

Technology is changing and we need to tweek our normal processes.

Voice Search

Today I want to highlight about the changes in voice search.

“As voice search becomes more widely adopted, what can search marketers do to prepare?”


It is estimated that approximately 40% of adults on mobile are now using voice search.

What this means for advertisers is that we have to adjust our thinking and strategy towards keyword search.

When it comes to typing in a search users tend to use abbreviated searches like “best 3D TV”.

With voice search we need to start including conversational longer tailed searches including question based phrases.  Example “What is the best 3D TV on the market” or “What is the top rated 3D TV”.

Long Tailed Keywords

So when thinking about searching for long-tailed keywords I’ve included the key question words in my search process How, What, When, Why, Where and even Can, Can I, How do, How can, How do I, What is.

We also need to think of pronunciation and also include words that may be pronounced wrong.  In other words, when they are translated from voice some words come out misspelt.   If you aren’t too good at spelling then that is actually helpful in this case.

If you are already running ads using keywords then it is a good idea to regularly do new keyword searches as you may be missing out on new keywords that are becoming more popular.

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