Downloading FutureWhen my husband and I decided it was time to have children, I quit my job.

Living in another country that is not your home country you realize that you don’t have the support structure you would normally have back home with your family and long time friends.

We made an agreement that one of us would be home full time and that one of us would always be in the same country as the kids.

So I left my job where I traveled all around Asia and we had two beautiful girls Paris and Scarlett.

Over the years since our two girls were born I have been involved in a couple of businesses but as soon as they demanded me to commit more time I had to step back.  The first 10 years of a child’s life is so important and they grow up so quickly.  I didn’t want to miss out.

Now my children are older (11 & 8) I think it is very important that my girls see me contributing an income to the family and they see that their mother has her own career.  Along with that is the fear that if anything should ever happen to my husband or his job we will have to leave our adopted country Singapore and head back home with no job and no regular income.

The best decision I ever made was making the commitment to start an internet marketing business.  Not only can I work from home but I choose the hours and the business doesn’t interfere with the time I want to spend with my family.

Most importantly I can run my business from any country.  If my husband’s career takes us to another country I just pack up my computer and move with him.  Fantastic!!

I do need to let you know thought that the commitment of starting an internet business should not be taken with a light heart.  Like any business you need to have a plan and have some money you want to invest in building your business.  You cannot start any business without some form of investment.

I made all these commitments on my time and money and I have not looked back.  Starting an Internet Marketing business is the best decision I have made for myself in the last 10 years.

If you are a Mom/Mum and want to have the flexibility to work your own hours and have the time to spend with your children, then the best way to start is to do what I did and join The Digital Affiliates program.

This program will give you step by step over the shoulder videos on how to set up your own Internet Marketing business.  They give you Weekly Campaigns that you can copy, setup and have activated within the same day!!

Along with the amazing learning program they also have fantastic support and a Facebook page and Webinars where you can ask the experts questions with anything you are struggling with.

Along with all this support if you join up with my team I will personally make sure in the first weeks that I am available to answer any questions you have.

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