More and more businesses are choosing to add Instagram marketing to their social media strategies.

Whilst monetizing is the key goal when marketing on Instagram, the difficulties lie in finding the right content and being able to have the time and resource to easily engage your followers on a daily basis.

The solution comes from another great software from Luke MacGuire, Instamate.

Six months in the making, Instamate is the world’s first and only all-in-one Instagram web software to find, edit, upload, schedule, engage and monetise the most viral content on Instagram accounts…..instantly and on auto-pilot.

Until now, you would have to manually find content, sync it to your mobile device (since you can’t post to Instagram from your computer…..well until now), use many 3rd party apps to edit the content, set alarms to remind yourself when to post it, think about what hashtags to use and then still hope to find a way to monetise.

Instamate removes all of these issues, allowing you to find, edit, post and schedule direct from your computer the most VIRAL content on Instagram instantly, while driving free organic traffic to your profiles from automatic engagements.

Instamate Instagram Software