I’ve been using Pinterest for a long time.  Most women love visuals and that is why Pinterest is still going strong.

Marketers underestimate the power of Pinterest.  Check out these statistics if you are not convinced.

  • a single pin is 100 times more spreadable than a tweet.
  • Sales and traffic from Pins can occur long after the item is pinned.
  • 50 percent of visits happen after 3.5 months, according to Piqora.
  • Each pin can drive up to 2 page visits and 6 page views.
  • The life of a pin is one week!

It is relatively easy to get traffic from Pinterest as long as you dedicate 10-15 minutes a day you should be able to increase your followers, pins and traffic to your website.

Here are some key tips for driving traffic from Pinterest.

Focus on Descriptions

Each pin has a description that you can use to tell the reader about what the pin is about and also what the picture they are seeing is about as well.  A high engagement pin needs have a description that is helpful, detailed, interesting and actionable.

Pin Regularly

According to a recent study by PewReserachCenter, up to 17% of users visit Pinterest daily. Close to 9% of users visit Pinterest several times a day.  52% of users visit just once a week.  By posting regularly you gain more coverage with your core audience.


Being a visual social media platform you must make your images attractive and eye catching.  It’s better to use images that are more tall rather than wide.

Longer pins take up more room on a feed making it harder to pass.

Pins that have text in the image draw more attention and traffic back to your blog of website.

There are free image editing tools like PicMonkey and Canva that make it easy for anyone to add text in their images.


Pinterest isn’t going away anywhere, anytime soon.  To learn more on how you can generate traffic back to your website then view the video below.