Finding a niche for online business is usually one of the biggest struggles that most people face. Particularly if you are new to online marketing.

Some people spend hours of research before coming to a decision. This can be a frustrating and de-motivating experience for many people.

The key to finding a good profitable market is to do your research.  So many people think they have a great idea for a niche; start a business, only to find out the market is not profitable.

Your chosen niche will help you define possible products branding and marketing.

It’s not rocket science.  There are lot’s of methods you can use.  From simple Google searches, to keyword research by doing the research you will be able to find what niche is going to be viable.

In this video, I’ve tried to simplify and show you how I choose my niches.  This video will help you increase the chances of picking a market that is viable and profitable.

In this video I go through how to choose a niche, do your research and narrow down your selection.

How To Find Profitable Niche Markets

  • Research
  • Market Size
  • Tools For Research
  • Analysing your selection

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a niche for blogging?

Finding a niche for a blog, online business or store has the same process. The first area is passion.  There are people that start businesses that they are not passionate about but are they actually happy building a blog or business that they are not passionate about?

When you are passionate about something you definitely enjoy it more.

The second area is skills.  What are you good at?  What are you knowledgeable about.  This doesn’t mean you have to be a complete expert on something —it just means you have to have skills that you can help people by sharing what you know

You have to find the bottom line for what you are passionate about, skilled in and what people actually want.

Is my niche too small?

Establishing whether your market is too small is relatively easy.  You don’t want your niche to be too small ie less than 800 searches per month on the main keyword.  You want it to be big enough for your product or service that you can sustain a business.  Anything above 30,000 searches a month is good.

A narrow niche may seem like a good idea but sometimes it cannot sustain the traffic. Also with narrow niches you run out things to say or to promote, whereas going slightly broader may be better.

Following the video training will help you establish whether your market is sustainable.