It is easy to build Facebook Pages for Business, but how do you get interaction from your fans, get leads and monetise your business Facebook Page?

I’ve been doing some consulting work the last few weeks building some Facebook pages for business for a number of different people in different industries.

Wow there are a lot of people not interacting with their customers or potential customers on Facebook!

I am seeing way too much tell, tell, tell, and sell, sell, sell! There are so many people that are floundering and not really knowing what to do when it comes to marketing their business on Facebook.

Here are a few tips of how you can promote your business on Facebook.

  • Content is Key – Remember to keep your content interesting to the niche that you are in.  As a rule of thumb I recommend 80% useful content and 20% sales pitch.  This content can be anything from polls, surveys,  or questions for you to find out what it is your customers want and what are their habits.  The content can also include useful tips and information that is relevant to your niche.
  • Videos – Videos are something that not everyone is doing.  Videos show you as person and show your personality and passion for your product, service and business. You can also use suppliers videos on product as well is you don’t want to make your own.
  • Do you sell local? – If you sell locally include on your page things that are interesting to the community.  This can be charity events, school activities, sports events.  Show that you are involved in the local community.
  • Images – Post images of you, your team or photos of happy customers.
  • Sign Up – Have a sign up link so customers can subscribe to receive emails or newsletters from you.
  • Competitions – Competitions are a great way to get your fan base interacting.

Lastly I want to touch on Facebook advertising.  If you have never used Facebook advertising before it can be a bit daunting, but Facebook advertising can be extremely profitable.  Did you know you can drill right down to peoples interests and demographics so you can really narrow your target audience to get the most from your campaigns.

If you are wanting to check out one of the latest tools for marketing on Facebook and on your website, you can check out my video here