In this video, I show a simple Facebook Marketing Strategy on how to get free Facebook traffic to your links from your personal profile.

I have two personal profiles on Facebook.  One is for business and one is for personal.  I recommend if you are going to be using a Facebook profile for business and marketing that you have two.  You don’t want your business associates seeing photos of your family and friends. 

What we are going to focus on today is the left-hand Intro panel on the side of your Facebook profile. 

When you are friending people, commenting in other groups etc other users in Facebook click on your profile and usually check your profile out.  Maximizing your profile to get free traffic from Facebook will get you more clicks and more sales.

It’s a good idea to have in the Intro section some information about you and your business, what you do as well as where you live etc.

Did you know you can put links on your personal profile? 

You can have website links, social media links.  Any links where you want people to take action; whether it be a landing page to a particular offer or to your Facebook Group as well.

The links that you have in a personal profile are very noticeable.  It is very hard to identify them when checking out someone’s profile on Facebook.  That’s where this Facebook Marketing Strategy comes in.

The Strategy

This strategy is so simple and will take you just a few minutes to implement. 

  1. Hover over the photos in your Intro area and click on edit.
  2. Remove all the photos that are in this section.
  3. Go to and choose social media post template.
  4. Create a photo that is going to sell people to click on the link you want them to visit.
  5. Download that photo and then upload it to the photos area in your Intro section.

Now you have a photo on your profile that is directing visitors to go to your specific link or links on your personal Facebook profile.

This will increase your click-through rate and get you free traffic to your links.

How To Get More Free Traffic

To get more free traffic is simple!  All you need to do is join some groups in your niche and start commenting and friending other members.

Most people check out the profiles of friend requests.  You will get even more clicks if you are offering something for free or like me where I am offering free access to my Affiliate Facebook Group.