Facebook Live is a fun and powerful way to connect with your followers and make new ones as well.  FB Live is where it is happening right now being the fastest growing video streaming service in the world.

“Did you know that FB Live video streams are watched three times as long as any other online video?”

Using Facebook Live is not hard and you can be up and running very quickly but the disadvantage is you can only go live on one profile, fan page or group.

This is where Live Leap comes in.  Live Leap is the first Facebook approved tool that allows you to syndicate your live feed across multiple Facebook profiles, pages and groups.

This new tool will also enable you to syndicate across other key social networks such as twitter, linked in, your email list and even your cellular device.  What this means for you as a social media marketer is your Live Feed can be seen live by more people.  More people viewing means more viral traffic.

You can now set up the syndication for your live streams on as many of your FB pages, groups and profiles as you want. Plus have the option to notify your email list, sms subscribers and advise both LinkedIn and Twitter followers any time you go live.

This enables you to get in front of tens of thousands of people at the click of a button.

Build the hottest fan base online with this tool and you will have a leading edge on other competitor in your niche.

Live Leap Demo Video

Live Leap Features


  • 100% Set and Forget – You only need to log in once, set your settings up and you are done for life (unless you want to change ofcourse). You can sync UNLIMITED groups & pages, it’s that simple.
  • External Social Media Syndication – Live Leap gives you the option to share your LIVE FEED to your external social networks (linked in, twitter, Email & even SMS).
  • Facebook Live Comments Manager – Gives you the option to get their comments manager which will allow you to syndicate all your comments into ONE single dashboard for easy tracking, replying & responding.
  • Syndicate With Multiple Fan Pages – Syndicate With As Many Fan Pages As You Like! Simply click the groups you want, go live from your profile & your live feed will go LIVE on all selected fan pages.
  • Monetise Your Live Streams – Track the users who have engaged with your live calls so you can follow up with them POST stream & include strategies on how to monetize your live feed!