In building a business whatever product or service you have, building a list and email marketing is crucial.

If you aren’t collecting email addresses and continually building your list then you need to start doing this now!

There are a lot of businesses and affiliate marketers that are using solo ad traffic for building their list knowing what traffic to source and your costs are important.

I was buying a lot of traffic, spending lots of $$ and built a very large list.   My biggest problem was that my list was just not that responsive. Why?

“5 Challenges With Solo Ads”

Old, Dead Traffic 

Most solo ad sellers build their list from other solo ad sellers! This means that whether you are buying clicks for .30 or $1.80, they could be sharing the same lists!  This also means, the clicks you are getting could be dead, overused clicks!

Bot / Fake Traffic

Did you know that as high as 30-40% of clicks from solo sellers now are bot traffic?

This are traffic is ran by scripts to literally INJECT leads into your autoresponders or simply send fake clicks that look real to the human eye.

Low Optin Rates

Not only do most solo sellers get you only 20-30% opt-in rates, they can’t guarantee that you will have any success at all!

No Way to Scale

If you happen to find a good solo ad seller, they only have so much traffic they can send you before their list is beat up on your offer!

In order to get to the point to where you can build a real business online making $1,000’s a month and growing, you need a way to get 1,000’s of TODAY FRESH clicks. Your offer is only as good as how big you can scale it!

It’s Gambling at it’s Finest

If you are using sites like Udimi and Facebook groups to find your solo ad sellers.


Did you know that there is a “circle of friends” that literally put fake testimonials and results and they all comment and agree with the fake testimonials?!

It’s sickening!

Tips For Find Good Solo Ad Resellers


  • Word of mouth.  If you have a mentor or other marketers that you know are doing solo ads, then ask them who they are using.   Quite often they are more than happy to share.
  • Solo Ad Testimonials on Facebook – some sites are good and some are fake but it is pretty easy to filter through the crap and find the good ones.
  • If I am looking for more solo ad traffic then I Google, Youtube, and Facebook Search the solo ad reseller.  Do as much research as you can?  If you come across one that sounds good then contact them and try and negotiate cheaper clicks.
  • I always start at asking if they will do 1-200 clicks for .30c.  Bit cheeky but hey you never know and so far I have gotten some clicks as low as 35c a click.
  • Testing traffic is important so send some test traffic and use your best winning landing page and offers to check the conversions.
  • Track all your traffic.  I use Clickmagick for all my tracking which shows me exactly how much traffic (e Bot traffic) I really get, how many optins, sales etc.  This is so important particularly if you are wanting to scale.
  • Don’t forget that there are few variables with solo ad traffic and your funnel.  If you don’t get so many optins or sales initially it could well be your landing page or offer so spend some time and money testing.
  • Finally, never forget your back end funnel or your follow up sequence in your autoresponder.  This is more important than the front end of your funnel and will build a relationshipship with your subscriber so add value, personality and don’t always sell, sell, sell.

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