5 Tips On How To Come Up With A Blog Name

5 Tips On How To Come Up With A Blog Name

Most people usually have the choice of their blog name in mind even before they start setting it up. Since most blogs are projects born out of passion, it is natural to have your blog name already thought out even before you start establishing it.

However, the blog name you have in your mind initially is just an idea. When it comes to choosing the actual name for your blog, a lot of factors have to be considered. For instance, your blog name should have a relationship with your domain name.

If you have an idea about a domain name that is not available, you may be forced to change your idea. Other factors to consider include search engine optimization and your target audience. Here are some tips on how to name your blog.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Every blog has a target audience and the type of audience should influence the type of blog title you chose. For instance, if you are setting up a business advice blog, your blog should look professional right from the name.

Understand your audience and the type of language they relate to. If you are targeting the young generation, choose words that are attractive to them. The youths like trending topics and relate more to new vocabularies. Choose a blog name that speaks their language.

Where Do You Find Your Target Audience?

Where do you expect to find your audience?  This is an important question that will help you choose the right name for your blog.

Which media will you be using to carry out marketing campaigns? There are many options to look at as potential grounds to meet your blog readers. Some people prefer using social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to target social media users.

If your blog is targeting an audience that is active on social media sites, you can use a language that relates to such an audience. For instance, if your blog is about ladies fashion, social media platforms such as Instagram can be a good fishing ground.

You can use words that are synonymous with Instagram users in the Title such as Fashion trends, Fleek Looks, Etc.

What Is Your Bait?

There are many blogs out there targeting the same readers you are targeting. To ensure that your blog gets the necessary attention, you need your bait.

Probably a single catchphrase that sets your blog apart. When naming your blog, think of one unique word or a few words that will make your blog more attractive.

For instance, if you are running a financial advise blog, you should know what your target audience wants. Most people reading such blogs are looking or investment opportunities, ways to save, and much more. However, their ultimate aim is to make money. You can use words that allude to making money such as Double Profits, Stock Exchange Secrets, Millionaires Secrets, Etc.

Use phrases that will arouse the desires of your readers to want to know more. When naming a blog, always remember that it is for your readers and not for you. Let it appeal to your readers.

The Type Of Topics To Focus On

If you already know the types of topics to focus on, naming your blog will be easier. You only need to write a summary of what your blog covers as the blog name- in an attractive way.

However, there are some blogs that are so diverse.

For instance, viral news blogs do not focus on a single topic. It is advisable to establish a blog that focuses on a certain topic. If you chose to go for a blog that is diverse such as a news blog, try sticking to news in a certain niche. For example, if you go for celebrity news stick to celebrity news. If you chose to focus on political news, stay in that line.

Mixing many topics makes it difficult to choose a blog name. Choose a name that is related to the type of topics you will be focusing on.

Short List Names

After considering all these factors, start by brainstorming.

Write down a list of all possible names you have in mind. Writing name ideas for a blog will help you eliminate based on the factors above.

You can modify others to suit your blog. Make sure you have a final list of 10 names. From the final ten, narrow down to 1.

You need to have several options because some domain names may already be taken. Having several options will help you choose the best. You should also try modifying if you realized that your best option is already taken.