If you are looking to find an easy, zero cost way to make money online then you should look at paid online surveys.   If you want to find legitimate online survey sites where you can earn big, then you have come to the right place.

I’ve been asked a lot in the last few weeks “how can I make money online without spending money?”.  Online surveys is my suggestion and to take the guess work of finding a legitimate survey site I have compiled my list of sites you can join and start today.

Firstly why do you get paid for doing surveys?  Companies pay agencies to do research on their brands to find out consumer buying patterns, what the market wants and whether their brand is getting the right message to it’s consumers plus much more.

When you join a survey company you will have to enter in your details about where you live, age, occupation etc.  Survey companies will choose your surveys based on your demographics.

Each survey will advise you how long it will take, how much it pays (may be dollars,points or rewards payment) and may ask a few qualifying questions.  You can then decide whether you accept to do the survey or not.

Don’t just stick to one survey site.  It is better to join a lot of survey sites, that way you can pick and choose this higher paying surveys and maximise your time.

How To Avoid The Survey Site Scam

There are hundreds of survey sites out there that promise that you will make full time income using just their site.  Follow these guidelines and you can filter out the good from the bad.

Sign Up Fee

Taking surveys online is free.  You should never have to pay to join a survey site.  These types of sites are just scams.


Every legitimate survey site should have testimonials.  Just Google the survey site and you should be able to find testimonials with proof of payments.  If you cannot find any testimonials then they may not be legit company.

Bad Reviews

Using your Google search again type the company name and either “scam” or “never paid” and you will be able to see if there are any complaints or bad reviews about the company.

Payment and Cashouts

Warning bells will ring if the company does not tell how they pay.  If the minimum payout is $30 cash out or more then that is not a good sign.  You want to be able to do a few surveys and get your money or reward asap.

Each of the survey sites below are recommendations based on the above criteria.  These sites may or may not apply to you depending on what country you are based.screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-11-54-57-am

Inbox Dollars – US Only

Inbox Dollars in a free to join online research community.  You will be invited to participate in surveys based on your interests and demographics.  You can also search for available surveys based on brands, goods and service.

Additional ways to make money on this site is by reading emails, doing offers and shopping online.  Inbox Dollars has been online for a very long time and pays without any issues.  Minimum cash out is $20 via PayPal or Cheque.

Click here find out more information on Inbox Dollars


iSurveyWorld – Various Countries

iSurvey World is available in various countries and does pay by cash rather than points or vouchers.  iSurveyWorld pay well for surveys.  Payments are via PayPal and Check.  They are among the top 10 of the survey sites online.  One definitely to join and add to your list.

To join iSurveyWorld click on the appropriate country.

USA – Click Here

United Kingdom – Click Here

Australia – Click Here

Canada – Click Here

Mexico – Click Here

Brazil – Click Here

Argentina – Click Here


OpinionPlus – US & Canada

This company works with leading brands so that you can voice your opinions and get paid cash rewards.  Once you join they will send you a short questionnaire  so they can send you qualified surveys.  1,000 points is equal to $10 and they will send you payment the following month by PayPal.

To join for USA – Click Here

Canada – Click Here


Vindale Research – US & Canada

This is an online survey site that allow just three countries.  There are not many surveys available buy the surveys they have pay reasonably. Payment is via PayPal.  You can make money on this site by surveys and paid emails.

To join USA Click Here

Canada – Click Here


YouGov – Australia

YouGov is a forum based survey site where you will answer surveys based on brands, entertainment and a lot more.  Every time you complete a survey you will be given points.  Once you reach 1000 points you can exchange them for vouchers, gift cards, iTunes Vouchers or exchange for cash.  Founded in 1975 this is one of the original survey companies.

To join for Australia Only Click Here


Mindspay -US

Be rewarded for taking surveys, test products and services and offer feedback.  This is a paid survey site for the US only.  Payments are via PayPal but you must have a USA approved PayPal account.  To join click here


EPoll – US

EPoll is a very cool survey site that lets you give your opinions on things that excite you like gaming, movies, tv, books, fashion trends, health, never seen before movie trailers and much more. You will receive incentives that you can spend all over the internet. To join EPoll US click here


Toluna – Various Countries

Toluna is a global survey company.  See below for a list of countries.  They allow opinions from those 20 years and above.  You earn points for your views and opinions and then can choose your reward by spending your points.  Although this is and e-reward site they have lots of surveys that are easy and quick to complete.

Click on your country to join


United Kingdom

New Zealand









Global Test Market – Various Countries

Global Test Market is a survey site that I have personally used in Singapore.  I received grocery vouchers for my rewards which was great.  You have various surveys including IT surveys and mobile surveys.  Rewards are on a points basis and you have a selection of Amazon Gift cards, grocery vouchers, PayPal payment etc.  The rewards vary depending on your country.

Click your country to join.


United Kingdom



These are the main sites that I have investigated that are legitimate survey sites.

As I mentioned before don’t just join one join them all so you can increase your rewards and income.