It has now been over a year and a half since I embarked on this journey with affiliate marketing and building my own online business.

It has been a long ride and I have been working full time on building my business (quite obsessively) but I am happy to say I am living the life now that many can only dream about.

I get to work on my business anytime, anywhere but most importantly I am there for my family 24/7.

For those just starting out or looking at affiliate marketing it can be daunting and confusing wondering where to start.

I’ve done a video for those starting out on just exactly what is affiliate marketing and how to find products for you to promote.  I have only mentioned one network, Clickbank but there are a lot of other Affiliate Networks that you can join which I will cover in later video.

Here is the link to join ClickBank

If you are wanting a training program that will help you build your business quickly and will show you products and campaigns to use (all over the shoulder video training) then check out this video.