If you have a blog, there are a number of ways that you can monetise your traffic. Even if your traffic is low you can still make sure that you make money with those visitors.

Of course content is key and you have to make sure that the content you are providing is relevant to your target audience.  Once you get this, you can make any blog profitable with little effort.

Here are 7 ways that you can profit from your blog traffic:

1. Opt-In

It is very important to convert every visitor to your website into a subscriber to your email list.  This is the most important asset that you can have for your blog.

With an email list you can promote whatever you want in tons of ways and build repeat customers.

Check out the opt-in on the right side of this website.  I am giving away a free ebook to entice website visitors to sign up to my email list.

You can create your opt-in in many different ways with easy to use applications.  It can be a pop-up when the visitor goes to leave your website or a bar at the top or bottom of your page or in any of your sidebars.

The money is in the list.  I hear this time and time again.  Never underestimate the power of an email list.

Email is still an extremely strong marketing tool that you can market different offers to again and again.

2. Free Product or Giveaway

Whatever niche you might be in, giving away something for free is always a huge attraction.  If you don’t have something to give away for free there are plenty of networks you can find products, vouchers, ebooks and even software that you can give away.

Even better is you can get paid for giving away these “freebies”.  This is called CPA marketing.  Some CPA networks you can check out are Maxbounty, PeerFly and Cash Network.

3. Pay-Per-Click

There are many advertising programs that pay you per click.  This means that you will have an ad space on your website dedicated to a particular advertising program. Every time someone clicks on that ad…..you get paid.

If your site receives good traffic,  you can bring in some really good money.  I personally know some people that are making 4,5 and 6 figures alone with pay per click on their websites.

Some advertising programs to check out are Google Adsense, Chitika, Vertoz, to name a few.

4. Offer Advertising Space

If you have a high traffic niche website you can ‘rent’ a portion of space on your blog to advertisers.  If you are getting more than 2000 visitors per day for example you can easily charge $300 per month in advertising fee.

Other than that, you can also use exit pop-ups to generate advertising revenue and use the products from the CPA networks.

Using exit pop-ups is a great way not to clutter your website with lots of ads so you don’t spoil your visitor’s experience.

5. Affiliate marketing

If you don’t have your own products to sell, you can sell other people’s products and receive a commission on every sale.  With affiliate marketing, you have access to an enormous source of products to sell and you don’t need to have your own payment structure or do fulfilment after your sales.

There are so many different affiliate programs out there and depending on your niche you just need to search.  The products you can sell can be physical products or digital products.  A great and easy to join affiliate network for digital products is Clickbank.

I personally have promoted Clickbank products for years.  They are an extremely professional company that has a range of digital products covering tons of different niches.

6. Pay-Per-Lead

I mentioned CPA networks previously but I wanted to highlight CPL or Cost-Per-Lead as this is another great way to make money.  Cost per lead is where you can have a pop up banner or banner on your website such as the one below.

When a person clicks on this ad and fills in their details, you get paid.  In this case you would get $1.25 per lead.

It doesn’t sound much but if you have a high traffic rate it can really add up to good money.

Cost Per Lead campaigns can be found on the networks I mentioned under “Free Product or Giveaway”

These CPA networks even have full products that you can sell from beauty products to business training products the list in in the 1,000’s.

7.  Product Reviews

Product reviews are a fantastic and easy way to make money.  Whatever your niche there are tens of thousands of products you can review.

One way to find products is Amazon.  Find a product that may be of interest to your niche, sign up as an Amazon Affiliate and start reviewing products, making sure you put your Amazon Affiliate link in the article so people can purchase.

You can also check the affiliate networks and CPA networks for products you can review, promote and then make money.

I do product reviews quite often but I always make sure I fully check the product out or use it; as I only want to promote products I truly believe will be of value to my visitors.

These are a few ways that you can monetise your website and blog traffic.

It is not all that hard and setup is easy as well.  Take advantage of all that website traffic and start making money!!  Good Luck.