Make Money With Ebay and Amazon

Make Money With Ebay and Amazon

Every wondered how to make money with Ebay and Amazon? There are a thousands of people making full time revenues by selling products through drop shipping.

What is great about this type of business is that you are selling a tangible product without actually seeing it.  Even better you don’t have to pay for the product until you have sold it.

Infinii has made it so easy for anyone that is wanting to get involved in drop shipping. Not only do you get access to training on setting up Ebay, Amazon and Bonanza for drop shipping, but there are also some amazing tools for research and easy listing of the products you want to sell.

Here is a quick overview of what you get in the backoffice.


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Building Facebook Fan Pages

Building Facebook Fan Pages

Every business whether big or small should have a Facebook Fan Page.  If you are new then building Facebook Fan Pages can seem daunting.

I’ve been testing and playing around with building some Fan Pages in different niches the last few weeks.

Here is a video on my latest success.

You need to focus on the content and providing value to your niche as well as deciding what type of page you are trying to build.

Is your page purely for entertainment or is it to provide valuable tutorial information or just pictures and videos?

You need to also do some research on the size of your market and who your core die hard fans.

My best advice is to research before setting up your page and make sure your page is not just about selling product.

If your page is a business page then make sure that it is not just about your product or service.  You don’t want a page that is all sell sell sell you want to tell a story or create value that will keep your fans coming back to your page.

Here is another article you may find useful if you are new to building a fan page

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