Chasing the  Opportunity

Chasing the Opportunity

So it’s Monday again and I thought I’d give you a little Motivation for Monday.  It’s only two weeks before Christmas.  Some areas of my business is slowing down so I am extremely busy planning for next year.

I was watching the below video the other day and it really resonated with me and confirmed that I am on the right track and chasing the opportunity.

I have seen so many people that get caught up in the passion of what they are doing that they keep going around in circles and do not achieve their goals.

By chasing the opportunity you are focused and are consistently making small milestones that take you towards your goals in your business.

Yes some of what you do you may not like doing.  Keep focusing on the opportunity that is in front of you it makes it all worthwhile and then your passion will follow.



Viral Facebook Traffic – Viral Autobots Review

Viral Facebook Traffic – Viral Autobots Review

I’m not going to muck around on this review as this product has blown me away the last few days and let me tell you I am impressed with the viral traffic it can create.

So what is Viral Autobots.  Well Viral Autobots helps you find viral content, articles, photos and videos that relate specifically to your niche.

By posting this viral content on your Facebook Fan or Business page it creates more interest and in turn more and more organic traffic.  In other words free viral traffic.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.54.51 pm

I’ve been testing this software on a couple of my fan pages and it definitely is a lot easier to find content and my reach and likes have increased dramatically in the last two days.

The content has already proven to have a viral effect which means that not only does your content improve for your existing Fans but it is content that people want to like and share which creates more reach and more likes on your page.

I am running quite a few Fan Pages and it took me less than half an hour to schedule a weeks worth of posts for each of those pages.  So easy and a great tool if you are like me and managing different fan pages and struggling to find content.

There is an add-on tool which is the affiliate link-cloaker which cloaks your affiliate link so you can post it easily in your posts without sending to a landing page.

So not only does this product help you find viral content you can also monetize that content by including your cloaked affiliate links.

Highly recommend this product.

Click here to order.

Here is my updated review on Viral Autobots after 5 months use.

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Inspiring Work From Home Motivation

Inspiring Work From Home Motivation

Motivation is key when working from home.  If you have a home business and sometimes you feel unfilled or even depressed that things aren’t going your way here are some things you can do to encourage and motivate yourself.

  • Think about what gets you excited – not just in your business but outside of your work and your family.  What is it that gets YOU excited?  Write that down, picture it.  Now think what do you need to do to get to that point of where you are excited.  Now take action.
  • Help someone else –  In my business I always find that I get great satisfaction and motivation from helping someone else.  Touch base with your customers or team and see how you can help them.
  • What are you great at and what do you love doing? – We all know what we love doing and what we are great at.  Sometimes when we are not feeling that motivated it is good to take a step back and do something that we know we are going to love and that we are good at.  This can be anything that isn’t necessarily related to business.
  • Review Your Day – I love reviewing what I have achieved at the end of the day.  This can be in your personal life and in your business.  I love asking myself “What have I achieved today”.  Quite often when I look at what I have achieved I am amazed.  Don’t look at what you haven’t done, focus on what you have done.  Have you got a new sale, learned something new, spent time with your children, tried a new recipe, caught up with a friend.  Whatever it is look for the positive in the day you have just had.
  • Talk to someone – When you are working from home all the time it can at times get quite lonely.  Take some time out and talk to someone.  I love getting on Google Hangout or Skype and talking to my mentors or team under me and talking about how our businesses are going.  We quite often throw some ideas around and strategize and after those calls I am so motivated and pumped up.  I also love my weekly hangouts with our TDA group.  There are people from all around the world coming together to share ideas and motivate each.
  • Balance – I talk quite often about balance with my team.  Balancing your work and home life is so important.  You need to structure your work time and your family or “you” time.   It is quite easy to get obsessed with your work and not take time to do other things.  Structure your day and your week and include scheduled times for doing other things.  In other words work hard and play hard.
  • Believe In Yourself – If you are really struggling with problems in your business, take a step back and say what is it I am afraid of.  Look at the big picture and believe in yourself.  You can figure it out and make it happen.  Put the energy out there and believe that things will work out.

There you have my key ideas for motivating yourself.  If you have any other ways that you motivate yourself in business then comment below would love to hear from you.


Six Week Review With The Digital Affiliates

Six Week Review With The Digital Affiliates

I’m so excited to give you my six week review of The Digital Affiliates.  It has been very interesting going through the weekly videos and I wanted to share just what you can expect to learn by doing this training course.

First of all let me explain that after going through the first 6 weeks this course really isn’t just for those that are new to making money online but this course would be fantastic to anyone with an existing business that is wanting to promote their products or services through social media marketing and internet advertising.

So let me explain exactly what you can expect in the first 6 weeks.

Getting Started Videos – Here you will find 5 videos that go through setting up the systems that you need to create and automate your marketing campaigns.  This is very important not to skip as this will be the fundamental systems for your business in the long run.

I was already running some of these systems but it was great to see the detailed content and setup available for those that would be new.

Weekly Case Studies

Week 1 – The first week case studies explains what solo ads are and how to set up a campaign.  This week even gives you a landing page already made to use and gives you all the instructions to have this case study launched really quickly.

Week 2 – You will learn how to sell a digital product to targeted business owners using Facebook Ads.  Copy and Paste Campaign.

Week 3 – This week was fun learning how to sell a product via YouTube ppc.

Week 4 – Promoting products with Bing Ads.(see test results below)

Week 5 – Selling to local businesses with Facebook Ads

Week 6 – Selling an offer with YouTube

If you are new to internet marketing there is more than enough detailed information to get you started and up and running, copy and pasting the campaign’s set out each week.

What I will say is that you need to focus on the week you are being taught and immerse your training on that weeks lesson.  If you are still working and have a limited amount of time you can easily set up the campaigns.

I set up all new accounts to demonstrate what happens when you follow these lessons by the book.  I chose Week 4 which is  promoting a product by Bings Ads.  I put a small daily budget and ran for a few days.  I actually forgot about the campaign and just checked the other day and low and behold I made a couple of sales.  Not only that I have added 90 new subscribers to my list that I can carry on marketing too!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 4.31.25 pm

So as you can see this training really does work and I highly recommend you join if you are looking for a long term business that can lead to you quitting your job and being a digital entrepreneur.

There is a fantastic TDA Facebook page and so many are already having great success and building their incomes.

CLICK HERE to join TDA and start training today!