Zero Hour Work Days Review


Zero Hour Work Days brought out by Brendan Mace is a complete course that goes back to the basics that every online marketer should be focusing on.   Email Marketing.  ‘The money is in the list’;  it really is.  If something affects your traffic and you don’t have a list, then all that traffic is wasted.

If you are working a 9-5 job this is the approach you should take to building a business online.   You can easily build your business by spending 1-2 hours a day on it.

Zero Hour Work Days is a step by step over the shoulder video training that shows you how to set up campaigns to get opt-ins to your email list.  From there you build an email sequence sending an email every day, creating value to your list and then promoting other products.

I’ve been marketing this way since I first started online marketing and I will say; this training will work for you.  Zero Hour Work Days method is easy to set up campaigns, start making sales and marketing to your list.  It will take time creating emails for your autoresponder which is why I suggest you go for the OTO 1 of done for you emails.

Here is what you get with Zero Hour Work Days

Video Training
  1. How to Make $9,259.74 Per Month
  2. Where to Find the Right Resources
  3. Tricky Ways to Get FREE Traffic
  4. Best Traffic Source (and How to Get it for Free)
  5. Secret to a 210% ROI
  6. Simple Money Pages
  7. Affiliate Promos that Print Money
  8. Where the REAL Money Is


40 Powerful Emails – Get a kickstart and grab Brendan’s first 40 emails that he sends out to his OWN list.


Done For You Money Page – Brendan will build you your own high converting landing page.


One on one coaching from Brendan Mace.


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  • yaro

    Hello Naomi, i’ve been trying to find something that really makes at least 100 a day.
    The more i search the more i see how everything is different that it looks.
    And i bought some programs but it never worked, so now i started to read reviews about every offer
    i consider to buy and after reading them i never buy anything anymore because the reviews are not good.
    would u advise me how to get out of this circle I’m in or suggest a way for to to start making some money
    without the up sails and and false promises .
    sincerely Yaro

    • Admin

      Hi Yaro
      Thanks for your message. I agree it can be very confusing about where to start when you haven’t yet made any money yet. Know that all your research and investigation is not wasted. What you need to decide is what excites you and where can you see yourself building an income online. It may be that content marketing or blogging is your thing, building an online store, affiliate marketing or even creating your own digital product. Whatever it is you decide to do just focus on that one thing and get good at it and profitable before moving on to something else. If you need anymore help feel free to email me

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