What Are You Offering Your Prospects?

When it comes to marketing your product or service there are several key factors to consider. First of all, you must have a product or service that you believe in because if you do not believe in it, it will not matter how wonderful it is. You will not be able to market that product. Your prospect is a real person, someone with desires and fears. In order to successfully market your product, there are several things you must know. Know your prospect Once you have a product you believe in, it is important to know your prospect intimately. What keeps your prospect up at night, what does he or she worry about, what is the first thing that this person thinks about upon waking in the morning. What are your prospects biggest fears or worries? Study your prospect well because knowing what makes that individual tick is what will be the difference to successfully marketing to his or her appeal. Trigger something in your prospect Once you have gotten to know your prospect deeply, find out what triggers that individual. Is it pride, fear, worry, or being financially stable? Can you appeal to the fact that he or she […]

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Traffikar Review

This is my Traffikar review brought out by James Renouf and Jeremy Kennedy.  Launching 13th February 9am CST. Traffikar is a new training that shows you how to get your offer in front of hundreds of thousands of people using Instagram.  This traffic works fast and you can generally see results within 24 hours. Using Instagram influencers to promote your offer; you will target to the most passionate people in your niche. While influencer marketing is not new, this training is probably the most in depth I have seen so far. What is Influencer Marketing? Influence marketing is a trend where consumers look for influence on what to buy from “influencers” be it people, personas, channels, pages or in this case Instagram accounts. You are essentially leveraging the power of word-of-mouth at scale through personalities that consumers already follow and admire. Even better, influencer marketing is currently an arbitrage. There is a massive supply of influencers, but few marketers running influencer campaigns, meaning that the cost of buying an influencer promotion is below its real value (as measured by your ROI). The Trafikkar Training With over the shoulder in depth video training Jeremy goes over the following….. An Introduction to […]

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4 Tips For Online Marketing On A Budget

If you are just starting out building an online business and you have a limited funds. There are ways that you can start online marketing on a budget.  These tips with show you how you can set up an online marketing business without spending too much money. Build a Blog If you don’t already have a blog then it’s time to build one.  You need a blog that is fresh and updated regularly with lots of up to date interesting content.  Valuable and relevant posts will attract your audience and help build a loyal following.  If you are not sure what to write then go to Google Trends and find out what is trending in your niche. Conversational Marketing Conversational marketing is getting involved in conversations on forums, blogs and social media.  Don’t always go in for the kill/sale but try and ad value to the conversations and direct people to useful posts or articles on your blog or website. I’ve used conversational marketing for a while now and it can be tedious but you do get good results from interacting with potential prospects or buyers. Some places I use conversation marketing are Twitter, Facebook Groups, Reddit and niche appropriate […]

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