Alternative Marketing Strategies

Marketing online has become fiercely competitive. Marketers are attempting to unravel and decipher online marketing and marketing strategies to succeed. Some argue that there should not be a distinction between traditional (off-line) marketing and online marketing. Others feel that concepts applied to mail order work well on the web.  Others still argue that online marketing is a breed of its own and what works in one arena may not work in another. Some standard practices like “above” the fold, hold true in both print and online copy. Regardless there are traditional forms of advertising that are viable and make sense to use on the web. Buyers Guides Many print magazines offer buyers guides. Buyers guides typically have a long shelf life and are viewed as a product resource, meaning it is one of the first places consumers look when wanting to purchase an item. Often magazines will include product reviews or sponsored placement in a buyers guide. This a great idea for businesses to not only promote their own product but complimentary products from other businesses. Product Reviews The impartial overview from a credible source can spark product interest. A third party independent review of your product or service is […]

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Mints App 2.0 Review

Mint’s App 2.0 was released 2 weeks ago and I have had a great time using the software for some of my customers and I must say it does create more interaction with customers and prospects! So what is Mints App 2.0?  This software enables you to create polls, quizzes and surveys and post on social media and on your website.  What you can do is get the customer interacting with your business and find out what are their likes and habits. Mints App takes a step further where you can create multiple questions, offer bonuses, create competitions and also capture leads! Here are some examples I have created this week.  This was done for a real estate agent for her Facebook page.  The first post was this….. If they clicked yes the next pop up was… Asking the potential customer to enter their detail to find out their current home value. The results are in and after only a week she already has 8 new leads.  This is from her current customer base.  She would not have known that these people were looking at selling their houses if she hadn’t had the poll there. The possibilities are endless on […]

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Building Facebook Fan Pages

Every business whether big or small should have a Facebook Fan Page.  If you are new then building Facebook Fan Pages can seem daunting. I’ve been testing and playing around with building some Fan Pages in different niches the last few weeks. Here is a video on my latest success. You need to focus on the content and providing value to your niche as well as deciding what type of page you are trying to build. Is your page purely for entertainment or is it to provide valuable tutorial information or just pictures and videos? You need to also do some research on the size of your market and who your core die hard fans. My best advice is to research before setting up your page and make sure your page is not just about selling product. If your page is a business page then make sure that it is not just about your product or service.  You don’t want a page that is all sell sell sell you want to tell a story or create value that will keep your fans coming back to your page. Here is another article you may find useful if you are new to […]

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