Tips For Engaging Your Prospects on Facebook

Like it or not, social media is a part of the present and looks like it will be part of the future, as well. If you have a company or business of any kind, then you probably already know that it is time to figure out the best way to market your business on social media sites such as Facebook. There are many ways to market to your prospects, but there are also many ways to engage your prospects. While both these topics may seem different, there are some similarities, as well. In order to engage your prospects on Facebook, there are several tips you need to know: 1. Be engaging Believe it or not, you have the power to engage someone using nothing more than your words. Whatever you post, make sure it pulls the reader in and makes them want more of the same. Start by posting different types of posts and see how many responses you receive. Facebook is a great way to run market tests. 2. Be authentic Whatever you do, be authentic. When you are not being real, even if it is just through your words, people will sense your inauthentic come through the page. […]

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The Growth Of Affiliate Marketing – Keys To Success

Affiliate Marketing has been around for a long time and more and more companies are turning to affiliate marketing to promote and sell their products. Affiliate Marketing is where you promote or refer a product or service on behalf of a business online.  When someone purchases using your referral, you get paid in the form of a commission. The benefit for the company selling the product is your product gets all the promotion by it’s affiliates and you only have to pay a commission once product is sold. There are thousands if not millions of people around the world earning money out of this strategy.  Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn additional income and in some cases replace the income of your 9-5 job. According to research done by Rakuten Marketing  the Affiliate Marketing Industry is to Grow to $6.8 Billion Over Next Five Years (between 2015-2020).  Although an article by The Drum suggests that affiliate sales 12 months ago for the UK alone reached £16.5 billion! Heading well into 2016, new and existing affiliate marketers need to look at the changing market and how they are going to promote their products online. Mobile is having a huge impact […]

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Mints App 2.0 Review

Mint’s App 2.0 was released 2 weeks ago and I have had a great time using the software for some of my customers and I must say it does create more interaction with customers and prospects! So what is Mints App 2.0?  This software enables you to create polls, quizzes and surveys and post on social media and on your website.  What you can do is get the customer interacting with your business and find out what are their likes and habits. Mints App takes a step further where you can create multiple questions, offer bonuses, create competitions and also capture leads! Here are some examples I have created this week.  This was done for a real estate agent for her Facebook page.  The first post was this….. If they clicked yes the next pop up was… Asking the potential customer to enter their detail to find out their current home value. The results are in and after only a week she already has 8 new leads.  This is from her current customer base.  She would not have known that these people were looking at selling their houses if she hadn’t had the poll there. The possibilities are endless on […]

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