Royaltie Gem – How Does It Work?


Proximity marketing is not new but what is new is the ability to send notifications via Bluetooth.  As of December 2016, this can happen without the consumer having to download an application.  The Royaltie Gem is a very simple device and what it does shouldn’t be over complicated.

This small device is what is called a beacon and it communicates with Android phones enabling your message and link to show up in notifications on a users phone.  The Android phone does need Bluetooth on, have access to the internet and have Google Nearby activated to receive the messages.  On average we estimate that 50-75% of Android phones will automatically receive these types of notifications.

Here is a video explaining exactly how the Royaltie Gem works.

Proximity marketing is a great solution for those companies that are wanting to market to consumers on a device they are on 4-5 hours a day.

When you purchase the Royaltie GEM you will get a login to Royaltie and will have access to be able to add or change your 40 character message and link that you will send consumers.

Your link does need to be an https link or a secure link.   Don’t worry too much about that, our team can help you with your marketing and I am also running a Royaltie GEM Marketing Support Facebook Group.

What link can I send people to?

  • Facebook Page or Post
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Website
  • Sales Page
  • Electronic Business Card
  • Electronic Coupon

The Royaltie Gem is also extremely cost effective for any business small or big.

  • Account activation fee $30 (regardless how many gems you order)
  • Monthly Subscription fee of $25 for one Gem, $49 for three, $99 for 8 (quantity discounts available)
  • Your first and last month subscription billed up front.
  • Get up to 3 GEMS subscription FREE when you refer 3 new customers (join the affiliate program)

How To Order?

To order your Royaltie Gems go to choose the number you require, enter your details and the Gems will be shipped to you within 7-14 days.



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