Royaltie Gem – How Does It Work?

Proximity marketing is not new but what is new is the ability to send notifications via Bluetooth.  As of December 2016, this can happen without the consumer having to download an application.  The Royaltie Gem is a very simple device and what it does shouldn’t be over complicated. This small device is what is called a beacon and it communicates with Android phones enabling your message and link to show up in notifications on a users phone.  The Android phone does need Bluetooth on, have access to the internet and have Google Nearby activated to receive the messages.  On average we estimate that 50-75% of Android phones will automatically receive these types of notifications. Here is a video explaining exactly how the Royaltie Gem works. Proximity marketing is a great solution for those companies that are wanting to market to consumers on a device they are on 4-5 hours a day. When you purchase the Royaltie GEM you will get a login to Royaltie and will have access to be able to add or change your 40 character message and link that you will send consumers. Your link does need to be an https link or a secure link.   Don’t worry […]

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Internet Jetset Review – John Crestani

This is a review of Internet Jetset which is brought out by John Crestani.  I will go over what it is, the value in the training and full details of what you get. Affiliate marketing is a popular way of making money online.  What I get asked frequently is how can I start an online business without spending a lot of money.  My answer is this. Setting up a business needs capital in order to get started.  You do need to invest in order to make money. What I like about John’s training is that it addresses the newbie marketer who is hesitant about whether Online Marketing will actually work.  It shows you to how to make money in your first two hours to prove that this training works. What is Internet Jetset? Internet Jetset is a course that trains how to make money online as an affiliate marketer. John Crestani teaches how to make sales using free traffic from Google, YouTube and Facebook. This course is packed into an 8 hour long course.  It fully prepares customers to be affiliate marketers to make their first commissions within two hours of buying the course. This course also includes John’s secret trick to […]

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How To Find Profitable Niche Markets

Finding a niche for online business is usually one of the biggest struggles that most people face. Particularly if you are new to online marketing. Some people spend hours of research before coming to a decision. This can be a frustrating and de-motivating experience for many people. The key to finding a good profitable market is to do your research.  So many people think they have a great idea for a niche; start a business, only to find out the market is not profitable. Your chosen niche will help you define possible products branding and marketing. It’s not rocket science.  There are lot’s of methods you can use.  From simple Google searches, to keyword research by doing the research you will be able to find what niche is going to be viable. In this video, I’ve tried to simplify and show you how I choose my niches.  This video will help you increase the chances of picking a market that is viable and profitable. In this video I go through how to choose a niche, do your research and narrow down your selection. How To Find Profitable Niche Markets Research Market Size Tools For Research Analysing your selection Frequently Asked Questions […]

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