Email Marketing – How To Source Great Traffic

In building a business whatever product or service you have, building a list and email marketing is crucial. If you aren’t collecting email addresses and continually building your list then you need to start doing this now! There are a lot of businesses and affiliate marketers that are using solo ad traffic for building their list knowing what traffic to source and your costs are important. I was buying a lot of traffic, spending lots of $$ and built a very large list.   My biggest problem was that my list was just not that responsive. Why? “5 Challenges With Solo Ads” Old, Dead Traffic  Most solo ad sellers build their list from other solo ad sellers! This means that whether you are buying clicks for .30 or $1.80, they could be sharing the same lists!  This also means, the clicks you are getting could be dead, overused clicks! Bot / Fake Traffic Did you know that as high as 30-40% of clicks from solo sellers now are bot traffic? This are traffic is ran by scripts to literally INJECT leads into your autoresponders or simply send fake clicks that look real to the human eye. Low Optin Rates Not only do most solo sellers get you only […]

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Keyword Research For 2016

If you have been using search ads for advertising your offer, you may or may not have noticed a few changes. Technology is changing and we need to tweek our normal processes. Voice Search Today I want to highlight about the changes in voice search. “As voice search becomes more widely adopted, what can search marketers do to prepare?”   It is estimated that approximately 40% of adults on mobile are now using voice search. What this means for advertisers is that we have to adjust our thinking and strategy towards keyword search. When it comes to typing in a search users tend to use abbreviated searches like “best 3D TV”. With voice search we need to start including conversational longer tailed searches including question based phrases.  Example “What is the best 3D TV on the market” or “What is the top rated 3D TV”. Long Tailed Keywords So when thinking about searching for long-tailed keywords I’ve included the key question words in my search process How, What, When, Why, Where and even Can, Can I, How do, How can, How do I, What is. We also need to think of pronunciation and also include words that may be pronounced wrong.  In […]

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5 Tips For New Online Marketers

When I first decided that I wanted to get involved in online marketing; all I wanted was to start making money.  I bought a lot of training programs promising me that I could instantly start earning income immediately.  Little did I know that there was so much to learn.  I could run in all these different directions making small pockets of “instant” money here and there or I could focus and build myself multiple income streams and build a business that was evergreen. Let’s have a look at what you need to do if you are first starting out in the business of online marketing or affiliate marketing.  Focus   You have probably heard about focus before, but let me stress that you must also have the right mindset. Mindset is about learning to fulfil our potential.  It is staying focussed, following a plan and never ever giving up.  If you have the right mindset then you are halfway there.  “Did you know that 90% of people that start online marketing give up within a few months?”    Keep going and keep learning and you will eventually see the rewards.  Remind yourself why you are doing this and what you […]

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