Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Finding Products

It has now been over a year and a half since I embarked on this journey with affiliate marketing and building my own online business. It has been a long ride and I have been working full time on building my business (quite obsessively) but I am happy to say I am living the life now that many can only dream about. I get to work on my business anytime, anywhere but most importantly I am there for my family 24/7. For those just starting out or looking at affiliate marketing it can be daunting and confusing wondering where to start. I’ve done a video for those starting out on just exactly what is affiliate marketing and how to find products for you to promote.  I have only mentioned one network, Clickbank but there are a lot of other Affiliate Networks that you can join which I will cover in later video. Here is the link to join ClickBank If you are wanting a training program that will help you build your business quickly and will show you products and campaigns to use (all over the shoulder video training) then check out this video.    

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Link Tracking – Why it is so important

When you are marketing your business online, link tracking is very important because you want to see your return of investment for your online marketing campaigns. You want to make sure that you are optimising your campaigns so you are getting the most results for the least amount of spend.  Plus you also want to see what ads or traffic is bringing in the most sales or leads. ClickMagick is by far the easiest to use out of all the tracking software available and it provides so many features making it the most cost effective solution (far below it’s monthly cost). When you set up tracking links you can see what links are getting clicks and how many. Every ad should have a unique link so you can see which one is working best. Unlike with most other trackers, ClickMagick allows you to easily track entire marketing funnels starting with the first opt-in all the way to the last upsell or downsell. It can even track clicks from your follow-up emails and attribute any resulting actions or sales to the proper sales funnel – giving you the most accurate stats possible. I have been testing ClickMagick for a few months […]

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Mints App 2.0 Review

Mint’s App 2.0 was released 2 weeks ago and I have had a great time using the software for some of my customers and I must say it does create more interaction with customers and prospects! So what is Mints App 2.0?  This software enables you to create polls, quizzes and surveys and post on social media and on your website.  What you can do is get the customer interacting with your business and find out what are their likes and habits. Mints App takes a step further where you can create multiple questions, offer bonuses, create competitions and also capture leads! Here are some examples I have created this week.  This was done for a real estate agent for her Facebook page.  The first post was this….. If they clicked yes the next pop up was… Asking the potential customer to enter their detail to find out their current home value. The results are in and after only a week she already has 8 new leads.  This is from her current customer base.  She would not have known that these people were looking at selling their houses if she hadn’t had the poll there. The possibilities are endless on […]

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