Chasing the Opportunity

So it’s Monday again and I thought I’d give you a little Motivation for Monday.  It’s only two weeks before Christmas.  Some areas of my business is slowing down so I am extremely busy planning for next year. I was watching the below video the other day and it really resonated with me and confirmed that I am on the right track and chasing the opportunity. I have seen so many people that get caught up in the passion of what they are doing that they keep going around in circles and do not achieve their goals. By chasing the opportunity you are focused and are consistently making small milestones that take you towards your goals in your business. Yes some of what you do you may not like doing.  Keep focusing on the opportunity that is in front of you it makes it all worthwhile and then your passion will follow.    

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Viral Facebook Traffic – Viral Autobots Review

I’m not going to muck around on this review as this product has blown me away the last few days and let me tell you I am impressed with the viral traffic it can create. So what is Viral Autobots.  Well Viral Autobots helps you find viral content, articles, photos and videos that relate specifically to your niche. By posting this viral content on your Facebook Fan or Business page it creates more interest and in turn more and more organic traffic.  In other words free viral traffic. I’ve been testing this software on a couple of my fan pages and it definitely is a lot easier to find content and my reach and likes have increased dramatically in the last two days. The content has already proven to have a viral effect which means that not only does your content improve for your existing Fans but it is content that people want to like and share which creates more reach and more likes on your page. I am running quite a few Fan Pages and it took me less than half an hour to schedule a weeks worth of posts for each of those pages.  So easy and a […]

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Inspiring Work From Home Motivation

Motivation is key when working from home.  If you have a home business and sometimes you feel unfilled or even depressed that things aren’t going your way here are some things you can do to encourage and motivate yourself. Think about what gets you excited – not just in your business but outside of your work and your family.  What is it that gets YOU excited?  Write that down, picture it.  Now think what do you need to do to get to that point of where you are excited.  Now take action. Help someone else –  In my business I always find that I get great satisfaction and motivation from helping someone else.  Touch base with your customers or team and see how you can help them. What are you great at and what do you love doing? – We all know what we love doing and what we are great at.  Sometimes when we are not feeling that motivated it is good to take a step back and do something that we know we are going to love and that we are good at.  This can be anything that isn’t necessarily related to business. Review Your Day – I […]

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